2022 Maffrei Langhe Nebbiolo, Piedmont

2022 Maffrei Langhe Nebbiolo, Piedmont


In 2021, Andrea and Stefano purchased the hilltop farmhouse next to their sand-dominant vineyard at the top of La Morra. This is where Andrea laid out an enthusiastic road map for their bright future. The two are entrusted with the Torriglione vineyard in La Morra, which they proudly thank their grandfather for planting a few years before his passing. The inheritance includes high-altitude plantings of Dolcetto in Diano d’Alba, and their newest acquisition, the “highest” vineyard in La Morra, near Serradenari cru. Andrea and Stefano have big things coming despite the high-level achieved in their first vintage of 2021. Working alongside their decidedly experienced father and uncle, combining their degrees in oenology and global work experience, Maffrei has formed a strong foundation to build up into a dynamic La Morra estate.

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