Moonland Pear Blend Sparkling White 2021

Moonland Pear Blend Sparkling White 2021


Moonland is Jason’s new project experimenting with fruit beyond grapes to discover new horizons while battling the current climate, weather, and other challenges.

Blend of organic pears from Filigreen Farm & organic Sauvignon Blanc and Picpoul grapes from Redwood Valley, Mendocino.

Making of: The fruits ferment spontaneously together in old French oak barrels, and are bottled under crown cap while still fermenting, to finish as a pet-nat. Unfined, unfiltered, no SO2 added.

Personality: pretty pearsy succulent Sauv & prickly Picpoul! Ok, nerdy alliterations aside, this is a really charming and easy drink whose lush flavors and saline/acidic end-kick will work wonders with all kinds of raw seafood with some citrusy/tangy seasoning…