New Organic Chablis we ❤️‍🔥

There aren’t many organic growers in Chablis. And, those who do farm this way are tiny: we usually receive bottles (not cases) of De Moor, Thomas Pico, Vocoret. So when we have the chance to showcase an impressive organic grower's whole lineup (as we did with Gerard Duplessis in January), we jump.
Enter: Domaine de L'Enclos!
We've had small amounts from L'Enclos in the past ('18 AOC Chablis) but, after string of difficult vintages, ‘22 is the first time we’ve been able to go all in.
It's a pleasure-filled style: picked for phenolic ripeness, their wines have both power and Kimmeridgian backbone. We have everything from their single village, no sulfur bottling (impressively labeled with the appellation!) to their impressively terroir-driven 1er & Grand Cru bottlings.

For generations the Bouchard family quietly sold their organic fruit – even from the crus – to large maisons. It wasn’t until 2016 that the youngest generation carved out 29 hectares of vines to launch Domaine de L’Enclos.

Two years afters the estate domain launched, they were certified organic. They farm their 29 hectares themselves (rare at this size), year-round and fanatically well: with an emphasis on soil vitality and vine health. When it comes time to harvest, all the fruit (even the petit) is hand harvested.

In their state-of-the-art cellar, fermentations are native in a mix of steel and wood. Though it's cuvée specific, élevage averages 18 months prior to bottling with minimal SO2 (and in the case of the village wine, no SO2).

The wines across the board are gusty and undeniably Chablis. We don't think its a stretch to say their phenolic style is very much like De Moor...

2022 'A L'Ouest' Chablis 🌟 NO SULFUR 🌟
An outlier in the lineup as it's the one no-added-sulfur bottling (difficult to achieve for AOC labeling). From the commune of Beine, on full south-facing slopes. It's a delicious, pomaceous wine. We do recommend letting this decant or giving the wine time when you first open it: whether it's intentional (or not) to protect the wine, there is a touch of trapped CO2 in the final bottling. It settles quickly after opening and reveals a deliciously natural Chablis. $33 

2022 Beauroy, Chablis Premier Cru
The brothers farm six acres of 40 year old vines, in premier cru ‘Beauroy’ on a very steep slope, not far from a lake at the village of Beines. Faces southeast. $43 

2022 Vau de Vey, Chablis Premier Cru
Some of the oldest plots in the family (planted by their grandfather), the vines are around 50 years old. And, Vau de Vey is their coldest site - making arguably their saltiest, chalkiest wine. $45 

2022 La Fourchaume, Chablis Premier Cru
Famously atop a row of Grand Crus they have a mere three acres facing west, divided into three parcels. It's raised for a year in barrel before being moved to tank for 6 months prior to bottling. An impressive, fine wine. $52 

2022 Mont de Milieu, Chablis Premier Cru
The brothers have two acres at the highest point of Mont de Milieu, capturing a brisk, blustery profile in the final wine. Like Fourchaume, year in wood before moving to tank. $52 

2022 Vaudésir, Chablis Grand Cru
Though this wine is made exactly like the 1er crus, its Grand Cru profile comes out in a broad, powerful nature. It comes off a 1 acre holding they have in the cru which faces directly south, capturing beautiful golden ripeness for this impressive wine. $76