On a Hill in the Mosel

On a Hill in the Mosel

The hill of Thörnicher Ritsch graces the labels of Hermann Ludes: skillful, acid-laced bottles that feel truly elevated, yet still familiar to lovers of traditional Mosel Riesling. But, if you really look, it’s quite a unique place.

With '22ers arriving, we catch up with winemaker Julian Ludes.

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Catching up with Julian Ludes of Weingut Hermann Ludes, as the '22ers arrive.


From perhaps the most ambitious group of new producers we’ve seen since opening the store...


It's an insanely delicious wine that's only made more unique when you see the price and learn that the wine is almost always 10 years old upon release, despite being bottled as “non-vintage.”


There aren’t many organic growers in Chablis. And, those who do farm this way are tiny: we usually receive bottles (not cases) of De Moor, Thomas Pico, Vocoret. So when we have the chance to showcase an impressive organic grower's whole lineup, we jump. Enter: Domaine de L'Enclos!


Spoiler: it’ll make you think of names like Montevertine, Caparsa and the like; as its piney, red fruited nature is the signature of the best here.


Every so often a story is simply too good to edit down to the bullet points. That is especially true for our newest Etna producer, Sonia Gambino’s Gustinella. Her winding tale to Sicily's East side is as charming and unexpected as her wines...


Along the Mosel River, Pinot is especially reflective of the valley’s uncanny ability to capture freshness and persistence in its wines.


It's Las Pedreras!


Jerome Bretaudeau makes wines from a wild array of rarely seen varietals in this part of the Loire Valley, farmed biodynamically and made using seldom-seen aging vessels.


Ganevat, Gahier, and Rousset-Martin are here!


Collectively, these wines define the best of the new winemaking generation in Galicia.


Pierre-Olivier Garcia makes wildly artisan Burgundy that can’t help express its terroir through intense aromatics and fresh fruit. 


Lapo Berti is one of the talented winemakers of the new generation in Barolo and his wines just landed in Brooklyn.


We don't think it's an overstatement to say that Teularju is going to do the same for Italy’s Mamoiada as Comando-G did for Spain’s Gredos: highlight world-class, high elevation Grenache on granite soil like no one before them.


Veronica Ortega is making wine in Bierzo's top tier, including lively and unexpected Godello and Mencia.


German Pinot Noir is having a delicious moment in the spotlight, rightly so. Discover some of our favorite Spatburgunder producers right now.


Panzano is a special place nestled right in the center of Chianti Classico that’s unlike any other village in Tuscany. 


The highest peak in Portugal is home to arguably the country’s most exciting region. Explore the top producers of Dão.


Auvergne is on a roll, and winemakers are hip to the charms of its volcanic soil and gentle climate. Marie & Vincent Tricot set the bar in Auvergne and Henri Chauvet is the newest winemaker to watch.


Planting Savagnin feels like a trendy, fun thing to do for a forward thinking producer. But, when you peel back the story behind why Henri Milan’s estate grows the grape native to Jura, it makes a whole lot of sense.


Longtime trail blazers like Rudolf TrossenClemens Busch, and Sybille Kuntz are the fearless farmers who started the biodynamic movement in the Mosel.


We can't get over the amount of great dry, unfortified wines coming out of Andalucia. Explore some of our favorite producers from the region.


A modern wave of young, talented growers are doing special things in Champagne’s most southern zone where the soils speak more to Burgundy than Champagne. One of the extraordinary names here is Salima and Alain Cordeuil.


The Azores in Portugal is a wild, beautiful, volatile place. Winemaker Paulo Machado has an intimate knowledge and relationship with the region as a native to Pico Island. He is a fixture in the Azores wine community.


For decades, Steve Edmunds has been a one-man wine show producing wines in Berkeley sourced from vineyards growing under-the-radar varietals.


California’s newest talents are some of the most exciting we’ve seen in awhile. Coming 20+ years after the “New Cali” wave, this group is confident in making wines exactly how they want. 


We love Syrah (which is why we have a lot of it) from different regions, made in different styles. Explore some of our favorite classic and unexpected Syrahs right now.


Now’s the time to dive deep into one of Champagne’s brightest new growers, Alexandre Lamblot.


You can debate practically anything in wine. But, there is one thing we feel confident saying: Luca Roagna produces the best wine for the money in Piedmont. 


What makes up nine AOCs, eight hectares, and one grape? One of our favorite organic Chablis producers: Domaine Gerard Duplessis.


The 2022 vintage was a shining one for the Mosel in general, and a transitionary one for Weingut Vollenweider in particular.


Now is the time to be drinking American sparkling wine. From fresh, fruity pet-nats to seriously-good Champagne Method wines, the category is simply world class.


Cabernet Sauvignon. Some see it as the most important grape, others the most overplanted.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most serious varietals when made right.


Roero Nebbiolo is almost always drinkable upon release and at its best, age-worthy like Barolo. No one shows this more clearly than Italian grower, Stefano Occhetti.


A historic producer, from a historic vintage...


In July I went to Germany for the first time, spending almost the entire trip in the Mosel – seeing places I’ve only read about, connecting familiar faces to their home turf and, celebrating 10 years of inspired work by importer vom Boden.

With a swath of German new arrivals landing, too, it felt like a good time to reflect on the 2022 vintage, share some takeaways from the trip and share details on our next in-person event.  - Chris


A new quality-driven wine culture in Portugal is growing - Chris Leon recaps insights from his recent trip across Dão, Duoro, Vinho Verde and Bairrada.


A letter from our owner on turning 8, and some important shop updates.


Drink Like a Scythian 💪

In LA's backyard, The Scythians is a new project from Cali legends Rajat Parr and Abe Schoener. País, planted in 1896. Palomino and Zinfandel, planted in 1912. These may not be famous vineyard sites; but, they are some of the state's most historic.


The foothills of Tuscany are home to one of Italy’s biggest biodynamic talents: STEFANO AMERIGHI. And he’s back with another breathtaking vintage of Syrah and Pecorino.