A Night Off 🦀


We worked our butts off over the holiday season and finally got the team together to celebrate as wine retailers do: by popping bottles BYOB at a fav haunt.

We went to Wu's Wonton King where we fed on tire sized crabs, drank trophy sized bottles and - most importantly - had some hard earned fun. We wanted to share some pics and thank you all for the night off! 😘

Chris lifting crab!

Crabs were raised. 

(many) bottles were passed. 

Stories were told. 

...and the food was as good as always.

For a night out at Wu's, there are endless perfect pairings. A few of our favorites from the night:

- There's no better start to (honestly, any meal) than a mag of ALEXANDRE LAMBLOT's super complex and textured 'Mouvance' and a pile of fried anchovies (maybe several piles).

- Newly-landed HERMANN LUDES 'Gackes Oben' Kabinett was one of our surprise hits, but any German Riesling is a flexible move for this meal (especially if it's '21).

- Energetic Burgundy is a must when Peking duck is on the table, and this super pretty-but-structured Savigny-lès-Beaune 'Les Lavieres' from DOMAINE CHANDON DE BRIAILLES hit the spot.