Back on Fulton St

The last week of May we moved the location of our warehouse, which had us firmly heads down moving an ocean of wine and industrial equipment. And, while the move was happening we quietly turned 9 years old. The two felt kismet tbh.
It's because – and some in the neighborhood might already know – the new warehouse is neighboring the store, right on Fulton Street. We didn’t plan this, the space just presented itself late last year. It required a lot of work: chiefly fortifying the floor to safely carry our weight and making sure the space could maintain the temperatures we need to properly store wine. But, despite that needed investment, we couldn't resist the urge to all be back in Clinton Hill.
The move means a lot to the business and to me personally. Being on the block gets wine to the shop (i.e. you) ASAP, reduces the crazy footprint we’ve left driving around, and puts 100% of our team (including me) on the block. Which is what this whole retail thing is about: community, conversation. Opening a warehouse in 2021 was an exciting next step for Leon & Son and essential to our growth. But, it also took a lot of my time away from the neighborhood for the better part of three years. Being in the store will become less of an event for me and simply part of going to work.
All of this means that 9-going-on-10 is bringing me back to where it all started, Clinton Hill. Thank you for all the support over the years, I can’t wait to see you in person.
- Chris Leon