Refreshing the Rhône

While we’ve highlighted iconic boundary-breaking names in the past from Ardèche and the fringes of the Rhône – there’s also a set of producers breathing new life into the most classic appellations: Cornas, Châteauneuf, Gigondas.
With so many having just landed, we want to make sure you’re in the loop on these names to know.

6th gen Arthur and Hugo Mayard shed much of their family’s property, but kept favorite plots to farm and continue the legacy in a new way. ‘21 is their first vintage, and right out the gate they’re giving us a seriously fresh approach to Châteauneuf-du-Pape: nervy, direct, and red-fruited.

IN STOCK NOW: Their inaugural CDP, from lieu-dits le Grand Coulet, la Crau and le Pointu. 80/10/10 Grenache/Cinsault/Mourvèdre hand harvested and done in concrete with an interesting technique: CO2 is captured and re-introduced to the tank during fermentation, keeping the cuvée ultra fresh.


Elodie is adding to the rich history of vignerons like Michelle Auberey-Laurent of Domaine Gramenon who elevate Grenache in the southern Rhône through biodynamics and low (and in this case, no) sulfur. It’s a new name we’ve been excited to watch over the last year, and her portfolio only continues to expand.

IN STOCK NOW: We’ve continued to dig her joyful yet grippy Côtes du Rhône bottling; and fresh bottles of her intensely-awaited no-sulfur Châteauneuf-du-Pape are here, matured in concrete for delicate tannin backbone.


It’s another familiar story: a 4th gen grower who’s studied with the region’s greats (Chave, Usseglio) and worked abroad (South America) brings home biodynamics and finesse to the family estate.

But, Thomas still stands out for intense single-site expressions of the region, infectious energy (in his personality, and his wine), and a commitment to ethical employment.

IN STOCK NOW: His extremely rare bottling of ‘Reynard’ lieu-dit (calling all fans of Allemand!), otherwise unavailable in NY.


An agricultural engineer (!) and former head of cultivation for Domaine Colombo, Cyril has been turning fallow land into vineyards, bringing new granite-laden terroirs to the region’s roster. Truly, a steward of the land.

IN STOCK NOW: Another classic Allemand site, ‘Chaillot’ - a savory, smoky and honestly memorable take on this plot.


It’s a case where the bottle looks straightforward on the outside, but has a distinct “if you know, you know” inside. Not only are these wines an absolute bomb in the glass; they are biodynamic, and contain some of the oldest vines in Gigondas.

With game changer Yves at the helm, 6th gen family Gras is making polished, perfect wine; it doesn’t hurt that son Benjamin is half of a new wave Rhône power couple, partner to Elodie Jaume.

IN STOCK NOW: The 100% Grenache Châteauneuf-du-Pape ‘La Crau Ouest’ – a historic terroir (almost 100 year old vines), aged for 18 months in terracotta amphora and bottled without fining or filtration. Some of the purest CDP around.