Tenerife in the Spotlight


In Tenerife, a passport of varietals are living a distinct island life: there's jungle and volcano alongside desert and beach, all terroirs which have been under vine since the 18th century. Old vines carry power from the warm sun, but complexity is driven by coastal salinity and a consistent fog which preserves low pH.

300 years at the crosshair of global trade informs what is grown here: Palomino from Jerez, País from Chile (or California), Alfrocheiro from Portugal, Sumoll from Penedès, and countless others that once upon a time traveled from countries who discarded them during the phylloxera crisis.

It would be a shame to lump the most distinct wines being made here into a broader Canary Island conversation–they are far too individual. Tenerife is the Canary Island’s largest and most productive wine producing island, home to 5 diverse DOs ranging from steeply terraced vineyards planted in sandy soil to dense green stretches where vines grow as large as trees.leona

So let's go down the rabbit hole together: here are the places and people who are defining Tenerife.