The Next Generation of Piedmont

We have Nebbiolo on the mind. And it’s not just generations-old properties we’re focused on either.
What has us extra excited is a small wave of young growers who are shaking up this often walled-garden category.
Not unlike the micro-négociants of Burgundy, this group comes from different backgrounds, bringing new energy to Piemonte–and a new group of wine lovers with them.
Many of the producers below are entering the US market for the first time, and we believe they'll be important mainstays in Piedmont's landscape.

Friends Lara Rocchetti & Luisa Sala met at Pollentia’s Gastronomic Science University, and after work at wineries outside of Europe they both landed on hallowed land: Burgundy (Tremblay and Lafon) and Barolo (Reva & Conterno-Fantino).

These are simply outstanding wines that reflect the verve of young producers, along with the pedigree and polish that comes with working at top domaines. We love what they’ve done with their (organic!) Langhe Nebbiolo and Barbera–both aged in large Austrian oak–and can't wait for their first Barolo next year from La Morra’s Le Coste vineyard. SHOP LALÙ →


We have a soft spot for outsiders capable of carving a place in the most culturally-guarded corners of the wine world (think Ted Lemon in Burgundy or Hirotake Ooka in Cornas). In Barbaresco, the hands behind Ceretto–whose own style and quality has increased tremendously in the last decade–are that of Aussie David Fletcher.

Over the last six years he's made a tiny amount of wine under his own label, Fletcher, while gaining attention and access to historic vineyard sites. These wines have the confidence of a much more established (and expensive) Cantina. SHOP FLETCHER →


“Three from Berri” is Federico and son Nicola Oberto, and their friend Vladimiro Rambaldi, farming organically on the western edge of La Morra. The trio and their charming team are quietly making some of the most impressive, traditionally styled wines of any estate–brand new or generations old–in Piedmont.

Quality is high from their killer value Langhe to their heralded Rocche dell’Annuziata, where they make a truly top tier Barolo. SHOP TREDIBERRI →


After several years under the wings of a staggering collection of the greats: Benjamin Leroux, d’Angerville, Comte Armand, Domaine du Pelican, Alain Graillot, Bindi and Pyramid Valley–New Zealander Tom Myers landed in the Langhe. Last vintage, we were blown away by his Langhe Nebbiolo and Dolcetto d'Alba, both from a cru of Preda nestled between famous Cannubi and Vignane.


German native Philine Isabelle has an incredible background in farming. At the young age of twenty, she began working at biodynamic estates Odinstal, Pranzegg, and then finally Heinrich where she was a vital part of the team.

Frequent trips to Piedmont connected her with both the land and several producers - fast forward to 2020, and Philine is renting a cru in Preda alongside Tom Myers. We so look forward to her first US release.

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