The Singular Wines of Luis Rodríguez

The wines of Luis Anxo Rodríguez Vázquez are incredibly expressive, super-fine and ageable wines that hold their own against any of the world’s greatest.
Luis Rodriguez in one of his vineyards; photo via José Pastor Selections


Terroir-specific and labor of love feel like understatements here: Luis is farming just under 6 hectares, comprised of around 200 micro-plots – on some of Galicia's steepest forested slopes in Ribeiro DO.

Unlike the region's rugged seaside, or the dramatic river of Ribeira Sacra, this is an area of steep, inland hills. It's hotter, and grapes ripen with intensity.

Growing up in rural Arnoia, Luis has spent the last 35 years replanting bulk varieties to the region’s native grapes: Treixadura, Caiño, Lado, Ferrol, and many more. In a DO of mostly white wine (which Luis does extremely well), he’s also making Ribeiro’s most beguiling reds.

Almost all of the wines are built from several micro-plots with impressive intention in his grandfather's cellar, Viña de Martín. Barrel selections from a variety of formats (and judicious new oak for top wines) come together in blends that simultaneously achieve big presence and elegance.

In the ilk of Jerome Bretaudeau or Envínate, there's a certain 🤌 to these wines that will keep you remembering when and where you had your first sip.

- Escolma is "selection" in the local Gallego dialect - these are bottlings of the best vines, made in only the best vintages. Ex: 'A Torna Dos Pasás' vs. 'A Torna Dos Pasás Escolma', which is made from the lowest-yielding older vines in these micro-plots.

- 'A Teixa' is the only single vineyard bottling. This site is known for especially textured wines, and this expressive cuvée also spends a year on the lees