NV Redbyrd 'Workman' Dry Cider, Finger Lakes, USA

NV Redbyrd 'Workman' Dry Cider, Finger Lakes, USA


Biodynamic. Blend of 75% Mixed Heirlooms, 13% Sharps, 12% Bittersweets. Primary varieties are: Northern Spy, Cox Orange Pippin, Ida Red, Manchurian Crab, Ashton BItter, Dolgo Crab, Liberty, Somerset Redstreak, Chisel Jersey, Empire, Wickson Crab, Margil, Tremblitts Bitter, Brown snout, Ellis Bitter, Harry Masters Jersey, Medaille D’or. 0.0% residual sugar 9% alc/vol

Redbyrd Orchard Cider is a small family-run sustainably managed fruit farm and cidery focused on heirloom, wild seedling and European cider apples to produce unique artisanal hard ciders. They are part of a small movement of New York cidermakers committed to bringing true cider back to the American table and cider apple orchards back to the American landscape. Redbyrd is comprised of a husband and wife team coming from backgrounds steeped in the winemaking and grapegrowing traditions of the Finger Lakes. Eric Shatt, former head winemaker at Ventosa Winery, previous nursery and vineyard manager for Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, and currently Cornell University’s Orchard and Research Farms Manager, along with Deva Maas, who has a background in Sustainable Agriculture from The Evergreen State College and a childhood within a family of one of the earliest wineries in the Finger Lake, have settled in to their true passion, growing apples and producing world-class ciders. Eric and Deva began clearing the field behind their farmhouse and planted three and a half acres of cider specific apple varieties in 2004.