Wild Arc Farm, Dabinett Greening Cider (2020)

Wild Arc Farm, Dabinett Greening Cider (2020)


Todd on this bev: “Our second vintage working with this blend. From the same source as our Northern Spy cider, this blend of Dabinett and Rhode Island Greening apples has a bit more texture and some of the richness that comes from the bittersweet Dabinett. Lightly carbonated by can conditioning with local wildflower honey, this one is perfect for the Fall table.”

Orchard: Ontario Orchards, New York State, IPM-farmed

Making of: The apples were pressed and blended before being racked to 3 neutral
French Oak and 1 Chestnut barrel, where it sat undisturbed for 10 months until being
racked and blended with local wildflower honey for canning. SO2: 20ppm at press