2021 J & H Selbach 'Incline' Riesling Mosel, Germany

2021 J & H Selbach 'Incline' Riesling Mosel, Germany


The Selbach ‘Incline’ was produced by Johannes Selbach to simply outshine all Mosel Rieslings at, or near, its price point. The name Incline was chosen to honor the impossibly steep sloped terroir of the Mosel from which these grapes are grown.

Vinified in stainless steel, with just a hint of residual sugar, this wine vividly represents all that Mosel wine should be – Fruity with vibrant acidity, clarity, and precision; all highlighted by intense slate-driven minerality. As an introduction to what one can gleam from great Mosel wine, Selbach’s ‘Incline’ is incredible. You may find the “Doctor” has been dosing you with the wrong medicine.

Appellation: Mosel
Grape: Riesling
Vineyards: Multiple steep sites
Soil Type: Slate
Fermentation & Élevage: Stainless steel


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A Trip to Germany


A Trip to Germany

In July I went to Germany for the first time, spending almost the entire trip in the Mosel – seeing places I’ve only read about, connecting familiar faces to their home turf and, celebrating 10 years of inspired work by importer vom Boden.

With a swath of German new arrivals landing, too, it felt like a good time to reflect on the 2022 vintage, share some takeaways from the trip and share details on our next in-person event.  - Chris

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