A New Vintage from Envinate and Nanclares


It feels appropriate that the Galician wines of Nanclares and Envínate would land together. Collectively, these wines define the best of the new winemaking generation here. Among them are Albariños that feel caught in the Cambados fog and powerful Mencías that come from the world's steepest, granite slopes.


Spanish darling Envínate produces such a broad and impressive range of wines, it's hard to single out a favorite. But if the speed with which they fly off our shelves each year is any indication, Mencía from Galicia is the jewel in Envínate’s crown. Sourced from some of the steepest, ancient granite-laden terraces in Ribeira Sacra, these are at once brooding, powerful and cooling. The grapes suspended in Atlantic fog capture the quality we crave most in our Mencía.



This fresh vintage from Nanclares y Prieto is essential drinking for lovers of deeply soulful Atlantic whites. With the tension, salinity and drive to rival the greatest white wines of the world, these bottles continue to capture what we love about Salnés–Spain's spiritual homeland of Albariño.