Epic Jura Arrivals


It’s always an exciting day when we get our annual drop from Michel Gahier, one of our perennial favorites from Jura’s Arbois. Add a rarely-seen, large(ish) swath of Ganevat and a refresh from Chateau-Chalon wizard Francois Martin Rousset, and it feels like Christmas morning. Check out the latest to the shop from Jura below. 🦕 🏆



The family domaine is 6.5 hectares with a majority of their vineyards in Montigny-les-Arsures–the village which doubles as Trousseau’s spiritual home. Gahier’s Trousseaus are all strikingly fragrant while still having the expected and satisfying varietal flavors, red fruit-meets-tea profile.

The whites, all from Chardonnay (or its local mutation, Melon le Queue Rouge), are equally as delicious. Half are done classically sous voile, and the others (including a new cuvee ‘Lou’) are non-oxidative. This is one of our favorite lineups each year.



Now, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Paris, Tokyo, or London holding one of the great wine lists of the world, this name pops up. These are truly natural wines, complex and elongated, and almost haunting in expression of terroir.

The labels are outside the formal AOC, as Château-Chalon requires an oxidative style and–in true progressive form–François is redefining the area with his vins ouillés (topped-up). If you’re looking for what’s next and great in the Jura–look no further.



It’s rare we stop and actually write about the profound work of Jean-Francois Ganevat. But, we’re lucky that we have just enough wine to land recently to actually point to his special work.