Champagne L茅on 馃

A FAV OF 2023
This new-to-the-US domaine was a real highlight for us this year. Coming off a generation focused solely on viticulture, Cl茅ment Robert is restarting his family鈥檚 winemaking tradition. Based in the C么te des Bar, his first release highlights two terroirs in Landreville (La Chev锚tre and La Grande C么te).

We loved his wine 鈥Enchevetrer鈥 鈥 a firm, red-fruited multi-parcel Pinot Noir 鈥 when it arrived earlier this year. This cuv茅e is back, but this time along with single vineyard wines: a pure Chardonnay that shows the phenolic nature of Blanc de Blancs in the Aube (think Courtin鈥檚 take with 'Eloquence,' also from the C么te des Bar); and, (arguably the C么te des Bar鈥檚 strength) a pure red-fruited Pinot Noir.

All three wines are single vintage, vinified as naturally as possible, raised in a mix of old wood and stainless steel, and see no dosage.

They are distinct, deeply delicious wines that happen to be sparkling and from Champagne. We cannot suggest them strongly enough, this (or tbh, any) season.

Also, there's something about the name that we love...?

鈥20 Domaine Leon 'Enchevetrer' Blanc de Noirs 鈫

鈥20 Domaine Leon 'La Grande Cote' Blanc de Blancs 鈫

鈥20 Domaine Leon 'Derriere l'Eglise' Blanc de Noirs 鈫