Made With Love: Champagne By A. Lamblot


With the 19s and a small amount of some very special cuvees arriving from Alexandre Lamblot, now’s the time to dive deep into one of Champagne’s brightest new growers.

Alexandre Lamblot is the 13th generation (yes, really!) in his family to produce wine. He farms vineyards in Vrigny and Gueux, both villages in the northernmost part of Montagne de Reims. The holdings in Gueux are a stone's throw from Jerome Prevost, the iconic grower who introduced Lamblot to his importer. Similarly to Prevost, the focus here is on meticulously farmed Pinot Meunier. 

The care and detail he puts into his farming is next level. He fertilizes the soil with a mobile chicken coop and interplants various types of trees to promote diversity and provide shade for the vines. He applies essential oils to the vines to minimize the use of copper and sulfur in the vineyard. When the vines rest in the winter, he even braids their shoots to facilitate an energy exchange and protect against frost. Everything is technically organic, but his philosophy goes far beyond that into a deeply personal approach to treating the land. 

a lamblot

Alexandre Lamblot in the vineyard. Source: Polaner Selections


In the cellar, each plot is pressed separately and slowly in a wooden basket press. Fermentation and malo happen naturally in a mix of tank and oak barrels. There’s no fining, filtration, or chaptalisation here. Riddling and disgorgement are both done by hand. This approach to winemaking is as manual and minimal as it gets, especially in Champagne. And, it shows in the final wines. They’re phenolic and aggressively flavored, both traits drawn from pristine fruit, not sugar or yeast–also a rarity in Champagne. 

The wines: 

Lamblot Champagne

A. Lamblot Mouvance Brut Nature [2019] NV 
A bright and layered blend of Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from old vine plots in the villages of Vrigny and Chenay. The term "Mouvance" translates to "movement." 
A. Lamblot Intuition Brut Nature [2019] NV 
Meunier-dominant blend of all three primary grapes from 25-50 year-old densely planted vineyards in Vrigny. Aged 20 months in 228L oak barrels and sur lattes for 34 months. Zero dosage.
A. Lamblot Frenesie Meunier Brut Nature [2019] NV
A single parcel wine of 100% Meunier from a plot within Vrigny planted with 39-52 year-old vines. No dosage. 
A. Lamblot La Vigne a Vovone Coffret 2019 NV 
A tiny production of 100% Pinot Noir coming from a single plot of Le Clos planted in 1984 in Vrigny. Aged two years sur lattes with no dosage.
100% Meunier from a single parcel in Gueux planted in 1984. The sandy soils give this bottle a rich fruit concentration that sings.
Very limited production of 100% Pinot Noir from a single plot planted in 1990 in the Chenay village. 
Another gorgeous blanc de noirs made from 100% Meunier planted in 1990 from Vrigny, farmed biodynamically.

A. Lamblot, Coteaux Champenois Les Moines Vats [2020]
A bottle of single varietal, still Pinot Noir–another rarity in Champagne. The fruit comes from vines planted in 1984 in Vrigny. Aged two years in Foudre and bottled unfined and unfiltered.