Roagna: The Prince of Piedmont


You can debate practically anything in wine. But, there is one thing we feel confident saying: Luca Roagna produces the best wine for the money in Piedmont. 

His Barbarescos are arguably the best in the appellation. But, that comes with a higher price tag, starting around $160 a bottle. It’s his deceptively named “Langhe Rosso” that should be on any Nebbiolo lover's radar

Roagna Langhe Rosso and Barbera

The Langhe Rosso DOC doesn’t have the same status or regulations as the smaller, more prestigious Barberesco and Barolo, but Roagna’s bottling is cut from the exact same cloth as his top wines. The fruit is 100% Nebbiolo from the same two vineyards that produce his Barberesco and Barolo: Paje and Pira, respectively. 

The Langhe Rosso’s fermentation and aging is the same as the Barolo and Barbaresco (with the exception of Crichet Paje). He uses capo submerso (a floating cap) during fermentation and then moves the wine to old barrels where it ages for five years. It's a long, patient process, which is why 2018 is just now being released.

The final wine, like his Barbarescos, is gorgeous. It’s spiced, red fruited, and powerful on the palate while still being widely aromatic. It’s one of those dizzying bottles that showcases why Nebbiolo is one of the world's greatest grapes.

And let’s not forget Barbera, a red sauce-favorite workhorse variety that Roagna also treats just like his Nebbiolos. It comes from the Pira site with the same fermentation and aging methods. It bursts with red-berry fruit, savory herbs, and lingering floral, earthy notes.

Roagna is just one of the amazing producers in Piedmont. Explore some of our other favorites on your wine journey through Northern Italy.