Mosel Magic: The Wines of Weingut Vollenweider


By all accounts 2022 is a charmer of a vintage in the Mosel, but at Weingut Vollenweider it also marks the passing of a torch. After Daniel Vollenweider sadly passed in 2022 (a lovely tribute by his importer can be found here), his business partner Moritz Hoffmann (pictured at left) stepped in to complete the vintage. 


Someone in Hoffmann’s position could easily have played an adjunct role in the cellar until firmer answers were found. But he had the benefit of working closely with Daniel for several years. This new release shows a slight difference in style which fans of the estate may (or may not) notice. Hoffman’s wines lean a hair fresher–a touch more treble in the final mix. They are delicious, highlighting the gorgeous airy qualities of the vintage, and worthy of any wine lover’s attention.

Of note from the '22 vintage:
  • The Goldgrubes Spätlese site produces two tanks, and in '22 they tasted so different that it warranted two bottlings. ‘AP 02’ is the more brisk of the two, ‘AP 06’ a powerful bottling from the oldest vines facing southwest. 

  • Trarbacher Burgberg is a new wine for the estate. The Kabinett is full of cooling herbs and noble reduction, and previously went into Felsenfest. 

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