Summer bottles we ♡ from Florèz

Florèz Wines 'Shangra-li' and 'Poilu's Pinard' are interesting, incredibly well made, and (importantly) – crushable.

We can't help but talk about two crazy good bottles from Florèz Wines, where James Jelks is part of the new generation of extraordinarily skilled winemakers in Santa Cruz (a place we really, really love). While grounded by traditional perspective, his wines are deeply experimental, often with never-seen-before combinations of varieties and techniques; but, they always manage to feel distinctly 'Santa Cruz.' It's a new expression of this quintessential Cali region that we honestly can't get enough of.


SHANGRA-LI is 100% organic Sauvignon Blanc from 50+ year old vines in Redwood Valley; macerated overnight, then aged on the lees in a mix of stainless steel and neutral French oak. It's juicy, almost-tropical, a little salty – just downright delicious Savvy B.

POILU'S PINARD is a co-fermented field blend of white and red from Jamai vineyard: Zinfandel, Mourvedre, Muscat, Grenache and Cabernet Pfeffer. The Muscat brings honeysuckle and orange blossom to dense-but-crunchy red fruit, for an unforgettable, bouncy light red.


Everything Jelks makes is a deft combination of fascinating and fun. The varieties are true to California's wine heritage, farmed organically and made with a natural approach. But it's not just another fun *project* – these are serious wines made with joy, at the hands of an incredibly talented winemaker.


Through the 4th of July holiday weekend and the rest of the summer. After the obligatory beer and sunshine, these bottles are a perfect way to take a beat and sip something interesting (and, refreshing) 🧊 They stand alone without a pairing, but if you're looking to make a meal we'd lean towards fresh fruit-flecked salads and breezy seafood.