2014 Hiyu Wine Farm 'The May' Hood River County, USA

2014 Hiyu Wine Farm 'The May' Hood River County, USA


Nate on this wine: “The May is the original 2.5-acre section of the vineyard that we began farming in 2011. It’s in the far western corner of the property surrounded by the forest full of hawthorn (hence the name, coming from old English mythology). It has the steepest aspect and produces the most intensely perfumed wines from the site. Three vintages of this wine were made by China and Nate before grafting; some were later blended into multi-vintage cuvées, some, as this one, released as single-vintage bottlings. As we started grafting in this part of the vineyard with different varieties in 2016, turning it into four different field blends made from the parcel incl. Crataegus now, this wine is a rare glimpse in our past, bound to disappear.”

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