2019 Pignier Cotes du Jura Gamay Blanc [Chardonnay]

2019 Pignier Cotes du Jura Gamay Blanc [Chardonnay]


From the plot known as “En Tappe”, facing the rising sun in the gorge of the Val de Vallière in Montaigu. Vines have existed in this plot since the first planting by the Carthusian monks in the 13th century.

SOILClay-silt soil, well-suited to Chardonnay

VITICULTUREA biodynamically cultivated wine estate, inspected and certified by Demeter since 2003: use of horn manure, horn silica and treatments based on herbal infusions. Grass cover during winter, inputs of manure compost. Massal selection Chardonnay planted at high density (10,000 vines/hectare), limited yield of 28 Hl/Ha (approx. 1.82 tons per acre).

VINIFICATIONSlow pressing; fermentation and ageing in an oval tank for 16 months. In this giant "vertical egg," the lees are permanently suspended by an internal current. Free from added yeast, chaptalisation and all winemaking additives.

AGINGChardonnay aged in a egg-shaped concrete tank. Bottled on a “flower” day following the lunar calendar, and stopped with natural fire-branded cork.

NOTESChardonnay in the Jura was mistakenly referred to as Gamay Blanc due to it's similarity to Gamay. It was later determined to be Chardonnay, but the name stuck! Pale golden in colour with a nose that evokes all of the sophistication and elegance of Chardonnay. A fine and generous mouth of great purity and precision.