2020 Florez Wines, Lava Lamp Santa Cruz Mountains

2020 Florez Wines, Lava Lamp Santa Cruz Mountains


Grapes: 55% Syrah, 45% Chardonnay

Vineyard: The Syrah portion for this wine came from Hunter Hill just above Soquel in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, and the Chardonnay portion came from Amaya Ridge just a little further into the mountains. Sandstone & shale loams. Both farmed organic and dry farmed.

Making of: Both vineyards had rather small yields, so James decided to try an experimental style coferment. The chardonnay was direct pressed, and the Syrah was placed as whole clusters to float in the juice, hence the name Lavalamp. This is a somewhat obscure vinification technique referred to in France as “flottaison” (flotation) or “trempouiller” (to dip, to soak). At near dryness, the fruit was pressed off and wine sent to barrel. Due to a slow somewhat tricky ferment, 10 ppm of SO2 was added at barrel down to help the Sacharomyces yeast finish their job. No other additives. One puncheon and one barrel produced.