2021 Division 'Lutte' Gamay Noir, Willamette Valley, USA

2021 Division 'Lutte' Gamay Noir, Willamette Valley, USA


Vineyard Breakdown: Owen's Vineyard - 51%  |  Jubilee Vineyard - 23%  |  Redford Wetle Vineyard - 16%  |  Methven Family Vineyards - 10%

From our friends in portland:

“Lutte” translates “fight to overcome” in French in reference to our efforts to bring Oregon Gamay Noir to the attention of wine lovers all over the U.S.

We added our first all-Willamette Valley AVA blended cuvée of Gamay Noir to our line-up in 2017 and believe we've steadily improved the quality of this wine vintage over vintage, making some adjustments in our vineyards to perfectly suit the type of Gamay we are striving for in this bottling, and that we love to drink. We use the carbonic maceration fermentation approach or variations of this technique for most of our Gamay lots, which we then age in a combination of neutral barrels, stainless steel, and concrete vessels for 8 months before bottling