2021 Floral Terranes Cider 'Ida',Long Island, New York

2021 Floral Terranes Cider 'Ida',Long Island, New York


From Vom Boden:

Is this the first cider to be named after a hurricane? Anyone?

This represents the first picks for Floral Terranes; we’re talking mid-August through mid-September at places like the Seminary and the Monastery and a few random back yards, all of them in Long Island, New York of course.

This cider is very floral and perfumed, with a brisk salty, sexy firm green olive thing. Somehow the presentation is swanky feeling, with a bit of slide and swagger, yet also something of a slap in the face. Yet the salty twang of this wine, well, that’s Long Island.

Now, why did they name a cider after a hurricane? I asked this question and Benford replied: “Ida was the most influential weather event of last year.”

After he said that I simultaneously felt a bit silly for asking the question while still not totally understanding why they named a cider after a hurricane. So it goes.



The Terroir Next Door: Floral Terranes


The Terroir Next Door: Floral Terranes

One of the most exciting domestic projects is happening right in our backyard, at FLORAL TERRANES: hyper-local (foraged!) cider and wine made by Erik Longabardi (a teacher for children on the spectrum) and Benford Lepley (a photography retoucher).

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