2021 Florez Wines Moonmilk Chardonnay, Santa Cruz, California

2021 Florez Wines Moonmilk Chardonnay, Santa Cruz, California


Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

Vineyard: Alaya, Santa Cruz Mountains. Sandy loam. Organic, dry-farmed by James himself, no-till

2021 James on this wine: “I remain a hardcore Chardonnay fan. The general niche of natural wine doesn’t pay Chardo much attention, and tends to be off chasing the next shiniest thing. However, given the chance to make a great Chardonnay and offer it to an appreciative, progressive and sophisticated group of wine lovers, everyone is in. My early wine education and apprenticeship had a heavy focus on Chard and Pinot, and I will always consider it a privilege to work with these noble varieties.

Making of: The fruit was hand-picked and immediately direct pressed utilizing a lengthy and gentle press cycle. The juice was barrel fermented with native yeasts. After fermentation is finished, the barrels are topped up and no further fussing is done. As a respectful nod to Burgundian tradition, one new low-toast barrel was used (~10% of the blend) to get microoxygenation and enhance its aging potential. No stirring, ‘sur lies’ for 10 months, racked once. Unfined, unfiltered, no additives including no added sulfites.


-Importer's Note



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