2021 Hope Well Pinot Noir Eola Amity Hills, USA

2021 Hope Well Pinot Noir Eola Amity Hills, USA


The Hope Well vineyard sits perchered on a ridge in the Eola-Amity Hills of the Willamette Valley. Hope Well is a beautiful place where Mimi Casteel lives and works. It is where her children run with bare feet, where lush swaths of native habitat are the architectural foundation of a rich, textural landscape. It is where the roots of grapevines stretch and mingle with the roots of a full and diverse ground cover, twining, sharing and passing on the great secrets of a place in time through miles of silvery, tubular threads of mycorrhizal fungi.It is a place where human animals labor with sheep, llamas, alpacas and goats to do the true good work of careful stewardship and humble attendance.

SOIL:Volcanic (Jory) on Terrace, Ancient Marine Sediment on slopes