2021 Ormiale Lies VDF, Bordeaux, France

2021 Ormiale Lies VDF, Bordeaux, France


Winemaker’s note: “A UFO. Lees (Lies in French…) and bourbes (the leftover pomace after pressing) of all grape varieties that we used in the 2021 vintage (Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sémillon). Only 395 bottles made.”

Making of: The lees and pomace were left to rest and clear themselves by gravity in a vat for more than 9 months under flor (voile) at 10°c constant temperature and in the dark of the limestone quarry. Bottled by gravity (no pump) without any filtration in July 2022. Nothing added at any moment. 

Personality: “With its aromas of the wine cellar during harvest and dried raisins, this white, pinky orange beverage surprises with tonic refreshment. Dangerously easy to drink and difficult to describe.”

-Importer's Note