2022 Antoine Lienhardt Bourgogne Pinot Noir

2022 Antoine Lienhardt Bourgogne Pinot Noir


Made from two vineyards "l'Etaing" and "La Platerre" on the bottom of the village of Comblanchien. These sites tend to produce concentrated fruit that suprasses the quailty of many Bourgogne level wines. In 2018, because of losses to hail, they also purchased some grapes from an organic grower in Fixin to supplement the blend.

Organically farmed with minimal plowing so as to not disturb the soils. Strict debudding to limit yields and encourage good concentration. All grapes are picked and sorted by hand at harvest.

Harvested at optimum ripeness (always determined by consistent tasting in the vineyards), Whole cluster semi-carbonic maceration in stainless steel tank. No sulfur added in vinification

Aged 12 months in neutral oak barrels. One gram of sulfur added before bottling.

A fresh, lively and concentrated Bourgogne that outperforms so many in its class. When a Bourgogne tastes like this, you can bet the wines up the hierarchy will reward with similar vibrancy and depth.