Branchwater Gin

Branchwater Gin


Branchwater Farms is an integrated, multiuse farm in the heart of the Hudson Valley of New York. At our farm, we grow small grains from heritage varieties for the purpose of distillation by way of organic and regenerative agriculture.

Our two 330L copper pot stills were designed by Austrian master distiller, Hans Reisetbauer, and fabricated by Christian Carl, the oldest distillery producer in Germany. Hans is an old friend of Kevin’s and our consultant as well.

The base of Branchwater Gin is wheat grown here at the farm. The botanicals that we use are certified organic and contain juniper, lemon, orange and cardamon—to name just a few.
Quality is our utmost principle. We mill our own grain batch by batch, and the grist does not sit more than 30 minutes before being transferred to the mash tun. This prevents oxidation of the grist, which gives the fermentation fruitiness. Fermentations are temperature controlled in stainless steel to preserve freshness and aromas, and the mash is distilled as soon as fermentations are complete—again, to preserve freshness.
The resulting distillate smells sweet, nutty and bright, which is the perfect base for botanicals. Our gin is triple distilled. The first distillation gets us to 42% ABV; the second to 85%; then we cut the spirit, add the botanicals to macerate for 24-hours and distill a third time. We do not distill the head, nor the tail and the final product is cut with water from our family well.