Eric Bordelet Sydre Argelette Normandie, France

Eric Bordelet Sydre Argelette Normandie, France




VINEYARD: 1.5 hectares of antique varietal apple and pear trees that are 40-50 years old.

SOIL: Argelette refers to the stony soil made of of silt and clay/silt and dates back to the Precambrian era.

VITICULTURE: Orchards are farmed biodynamicallyVINIFICATIONBordelet’s entire production of fruit is hand-picked in wooden cases. The apples are are crushed and left to macerate on their skins for more extraction.AGINGFollowing the pressing, the alcoholic fermentation takes off, during which time the must is racked several times, and very lightly filtered. The fruit is never chaptalized, but a small amount of residual sugar remains. RS = 20-25 g/l

NOTES: Best described as off-dry, this cider is perfect for aperitifs and light meals

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