Four Roses, Private Selection SIngle Barrel Bourbon OBSK, Kentucky, USA

Four Roses, Private Selection SIngle Barrel Bourbon OBSK 121.8 Proof, Kentucky, USA


One of the things that sets Four Roses apart is our process. As you probably know, we combine two different mashbills with five proprietary yeast strains to create 10 distinct Bourbon recipes. Then we use those recipes – either one at a time or mingled together – to achieve different flavor profiles. It’s part art, part science – and all love.

To share some of that love, last month we launched a ten-part series highlighting our 10 recipes and what each brings to the table, or should we say bottle.

We kicked things off with OBSV – our Single Barrel all-star known for its delicate fruit and rye flavors. This month, we are sticking with our rye-forward “B” mashbill and adding the K yeast strain to achieve a Bourbon that, well, could never be described as shy. Ladies and gentlemen meet OBSK.