Fred Jerbis Amaro 16

Fred Jerbis Amaro 16


16 different botanicals infused together in nearly pure alcohol, following an old recipe from an order of monks. All the ingredients are Italian, among them are linden-leaf, ash leaf, mulberry, rhubarb root, currants, orange peel, and cypress leaf.

COLOR: deep natural amber, from the infusion of the plants. No color added, unusually.

AROMA: of tree buds, with herbaceous notes typical of tree leaves, the usual root aroma emerging

FLAVOR: herbaceous, balanced, delicate, with intensity but also rounded and balanced, finishing with a pleasant bitterness. Notes of bark, buds, as in a forest when it’s just been raining; slightly citrussy on the finish. Bitter finish but rich, and very persistent. Note that the sugar ratio in this Amaro is 15%, about half of that found in many commercial examples.

Use: the classic use is straight, after dinner, as a digestivo, but the Amaro is also perfect in craft cocktails such as the Hanky Panky.