Fred Jerbis Bitter 34

Fred Jerbis Bitter 34


Campari may be the most famous and classic Italian ‘bitter’, a spirit type mostly used to make aperitivi cocktails (before dinner drinks), but Fred’s Bitter 34 takes the category to an entirely new level. With no artificial flavors or colors, the drink is naturally and beautifully orange hued, appropriately citrusy and bitter and made with only half the sugar level of Campari and other large brands, one of the ways Fred achieves the balance we look for in our spirits.   

Concocted of 34 different botanicals using three methods of extraction: cold maceration of the dried plant, hot maceration, and steam distillation, all in nearly pure alcohol.

INGREDIENTS: 34 different botanicals including gentian, angelica, wormwood, orange and lemon peel.

COLOR: tending to orange, entirely from the natural color of the botanicals; no coloring added, unusually.

AROMA: herbal and orange notes; complex, rounded and balanced.

Flavor: delicately but persistently herbaceous; bitter, but balanced. The perception of alcohol is subtle, due to the use of a traditional recipe with a small amount of sugar. The body shows bitter notes from the maceration of botanicals like gentian root, and richness from the other botanicals that give complexity and persistence. The finish is soft and round thanks to the citrus.

Use: Ideal in the traditional Italian cocktails mixed with the other Fred Jerbis products.