Jikon Junmai Daiginjo "Tokuto Omachi"


Prefecture: Mie, ABV: 15.1%, Rice: High grade Tokuto Omachi rice to 40%, Yeast: #9 (Kept in house), Water: Nabari river well water (medium soft) , Sake Meter Value*: , Acidity: 1.5

  • Made from 100% top grade Omachi, one of the only heirloom varietals of sake rice.
  • Growing tall and ungainly, Omachi is a particularly delicate rice varietal with low yields. This is the top grade (Tokuto) of Omachi rice
  • Omachi brings dark and herbal shadings to the usually light and pretty styles of sake like daiginjo.


  • Country Japan
  • Style Sake
  • This item is not eligible for discount.