Leon & Son Tasting Glass

Leon & Son Tasting Glass


The Ravenscroft Pro tasting glass, etched with our logo!

When we drink from these, we feel like we're back in a little parisian wine bar (or LES's 10 Bells). Some of the most fun, charming glasses to drink from.

From the producer:
The Ravenscroft International Tasting glass is perfect tasting glass for small pours. Robert Parker called the INAO design The finest inexpensive tasting glass in the world." This is the least expensive glass any winery should ever use in their tasting rooms. Any lesser glass will not raise the perceived value of your efforts. The elegant sheer rim and tried and true classic bowl design results in the most rewarding experience possible with pours as small as 1/2 ounce. Such small pours might seem to lack generosity except when considering how many different wines one might like to try in a short period of time. The shape of this painlessly priced international tasting glass is the industry standard tasting glass."