Sidonio de Sousa - Branco Brut Nature NV

Sidonio de Sousa Branco Brut Nature Bairrada, Portugal


The Blend

Bical, Arinto, Maria Gomes

The Terroir

The western part of the Beiras, between the mountainous Dão region and the surf-washed Atlantic beaches, Bairrada has a mild, maritime climate with abundant rainfall. Flat in the west, the region rises in the east into small hills, intensively farmed and sometimes wooded. This is the land of leitão, the delicious roast suckling pig, and also, traditionally, of firm red wines made from the Baga grape and classic method sparkling wines.


Grapes are partially destemmed and crushed. The must is then cooled during 24 hours and then decanted before being transferred to temperature‐controlled stainless steel vats for initial fermentation. After the initial fermentation period, during which the wine decants naturally, it is bottled using naturally‐occurring yeasts by December with zero dosage (no sugar added). The bottles are then transferred to the cellar where they see their second fermentation period. After this period, the bottles remain in the cellar until they are ready for remuage (riddling) & degorgement (disgorging) and are only then viable for the market.