Starlight Distillery Small Batch Applejack Brandy
Starlight Distillery Small Batch Applejack Brandy

Starlight Distillery Small Batch Applejack Brandy


  • Aged apple brandy produced by Starlight Distillery in Starlight, Indiana
  • Distilled from 100% estate-grown apples from the Huber family orchards
  • 7–8-day closed-top fermentation in stainless steel
  • Twice-distilled in an 80-gallon Christian Carl copper pot still
  • Aged 4 years in new, charred American oak casks
  • Tart, green apple, saltwater taffy, and caramel on the nose; a pleasant, rounded texture speaks to its small batch pot distillation, carrying notes of cedar, yellow apple, allspice, and galangal with limestone minerality
  • 41.5% ABV

One of the largest growers of apples in Indiana with over 20 varieties in their 30-plus-acre orchard, this apple brandy is a blend of single variety distillates blended, aged, and bottled on the Huber family estate. While US law stipulates that applejack may contain as little as 20% apple distillate, Starlight produces their applejack from 100% estate-grown apples, lending an opulence more akin to Calvados than many domestic “jacked” blends.

Located at Huber’s Orchard, Winery, & Vineyards in the small, unincorporated town of Starlight in southern Indiana, Starlight Distillery calls upon a foundation of family history to craft fine American spirits. Seven generations of Hubers have sustainably operated the now 850-acre family-owned estate established in 1843 by German immigrant, Simon Huber—a farmer and wine maker—and have been producing exceptional agricultural products for over 179 years!